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Thread: A long needed day on the water. 2/2/17

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    Default A long needed day on the water. 2/2/17

    It's been a minute since I got on the water. Had a pretty busy schedule as of late. I'm sure quite a few of you can relate. Had a plan to hit the water with a couple of friends, however, things fell threw. So I decided to hit a stretch of little river I haven't fished in a very long while. I figured with the beautiful weather, ��, Anglers would be everywhere. I parked my truck somewhere safe and started walking. This first picture is a dead giveaway.

    Not far past that first big riffle, I landed the first fish of the day. Beautiful spots and some great colors, and that adipoes fin though��.

    Made my way up and plucked a couple more. Saw quite a bit of action on top and got the urge to change tactics, however, I really wanted to test out my new Syndicate 10' 3wt, and a cool new leader a buddy gave me. After a while without a fish, I made it to a decent run, I made a couple of cast and not much to bare. As I looked up I saw a dark haired woman snapping away. This is a common accurance in the Smokies, just never at the right times. Not today. I did my best to make a good cast to a delectable piece of water and no sooner did my drift start, I was fish on. This was no dink that's for sure and definitely a good fight on my new 3wt. This was a mighty elder brown, with a tail on him like an outboard. He barreled down stream, dug his face over rock, tree, river bed, and pulled with swift shouldered tugs.

    With a loud expletive deleted I scream @$&% YEAH!!!! I followed with, making sure to keep my rod pointed down stream and back as to keep his head turned so he'd not come unbuttoned. As I finally scooped him up, I noticed the woman was walking my way and was snapping more photos from a distance. Oops.......

    I figured I'd give here a look of him, as well. Then get my pics and a quick release shot. I decided to climb out and see what these two ladies had been up to. They were two volunteers driving around enjoining the park. I got them to to text me the shots and they pulled off. Just when I thought things where over, a big white truck pulled in front of me and whose head pops out, Josh Pfiefer's, who else. He offered a brotha a ride back to his truck and I much was much abliged to say yes. The water got a little cold at the end of the day and this made things quick, back to the truck. Thanks for the ride Josh and thanks for the pics Ms. Pat and Ms. Denise!!!!

    Link is for the release video on Instagram

    What a day!!!
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    Nice post and thanks for sharing. While I typically fish backcountry and don't see too many people, when I kayak it fells like your a celebrity as all the tourist take picture after picture. Usually cars will follow you which feels weird till you get used to it. It's always nice to catch in front of the tourist, but that Brown makes it even nicer. So your a torrets fisherman as well?
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    Nice big park fish! Me and josh gave a ride to a hospital escapee one time, I may have erred in judgement that day........... hahahaha

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    Nice report. It's cool someone was there to take pics when catching a nice fish. They usually only get pics of me catching trees on my backcast.
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