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    Hi guys long time lurker hoping for a little advice. We typically make the trip up from Florida to NC a couple times a year. Have a spot that we really like. Good views, nice campsites that are well spread out, and willing brookies everywhere you look. For the next trip the girlfriend wants to try somewhere new so I've started looking. Probably at the end of April. Neither of us have ever been to the smokies so that was my first thought. However, the idea of packing in 5+ miles to camp next to 12 other people doesn't really appeal to me and due to work it will have to be a weekend trip. I like packing in to get away from people. So my question is basically am I overreacting about seeing 15 people on the reservations for a lot of the camp sites? If anyone would like to drop me a line on somewhere else to try I would really appreciate it. Criteria being good views to help me sell it, decent fishing always a plus, and privacy. Were in decent shape but would probably top out at 6 miles or so in and out. Oh and Tennessee or North Carolina would be fair game. Thanks!

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    Click on my screen name to open my profile, there is an email link there. I'll help if I can.

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