With my impending graduation from UTC with a degree in Industrial Engineering, my fishing time has decreased exponentially over the past several weeks. I thought I would recap some of the action on the Tennessee River from earlier this year. I have found fishing the river to be quite convenient, as it is a short drive from campus and also a stop on my way home. The skipjack, white bass, hybrid and smallmouth action has been absolutely off the charts this year. Taking advantage of this fishery has been a nice supplement from not being able to be in the Park near as much as usual. Starting next week, that is all about to change. In the mean time, here are several of my favorites!

A good hybrid that fell to a big olive and white Clouser Minnow. I have lost several larger than this particular fish this year.

Some intense skipjack action....these guys are too much fun!!

White Bass are pretty fun too.....

And last, but certainly not least... a 4.5 lb smallmouth that absolutely crushed a black woolly bugger. This fish was not only a pleasant surprise, but a heck of a battle even on an 8 weight. This was a PB smallie for me.

Now that my final semester is wrapping up, the Smokies and other favorite bluelines will be the focus over the next few months. Hope to see you out on the water sometime.