I need some help getting a striper setup together. I am going striper fishing with my friend sometime next week and he has never fished for them with a fly rod. I have an 8wt rod and pretty decent reel on it, so I bought some 3"/sec 8wt sink tip line, some 40lb, 30lb, and 20lb mono to make leaders, along with some #2, #1, #1/0 clousers and half and halfs. The problem is, he catches monsters regularly! I have never caught anything this big on a fly rod. Can an 8wt with a basic reel land a few stripers or am I way off on trying to use this setup? Are those size flies going to be super hard to cast with my 8wt? Should I bring some gloves for when my drag explodes? Haha Also, has anybody tried braided line to make leaders?