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Thread: A Schoolin' on the last day of school

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    Talking A Schoolin' on the last day of school

    My fishing has REALLY been limited here lately. While I started the year off right with Nathan after catching up with BigSur and his clan of TU activists fishing on the 1st of the year, I have only been back twice since then and have missing fishing. With the rains lately, boating has been the more obvious choice, and I have been doing lots of hiking with the family so I haven't suffered nearly as much as say someone who lives far away like Mac, but still would like more fishing time in the Smokies.

    Monday was the last full day of school before Daddy daycare is open all Summer, and with initial plans to paddle that fell through due to lack of rain, I was glad Nathan reached out to see if I could fish. While conditions weren't optimal by any means with over an inch of rain throughout most of the Smokies in the previous 24 hours, smaller streams would be high, but not blown out and would be worthwhile.

    We met and headed for the park. My lack of fishing lately had me out of sorts missing a turn on the way, but we got there none the less. Nathan was pretty much rigged up and headed to the river as I rigged up. Water was pretty high which makes the fishing in a way like a low water day. On the high water day the lack of pools sure make floating a dry fly harder with much water moving too fast to even mess with. On low water there isn't enough water between pools making you having to skip over these same areas.

    I landed this guy somewhat quickly, but unfortunately I was also catching lots of trees and Rhodo

    Several pools later after jumping ahead of Nathan I caught a double

    But these were what I was after

    Here is Nathan working one of the more open spots.

    I say more open spots because the recent storms with 90-100 mph winds really screwed up this section with trees lying in 3/4 of the good pool. It's a mess!

    This is most most of the day looked like

    One of the best pools

    And Nathan caught the most colorful fish of day.

    Did I mention the blow downs

    It was a lovely day to be out the but I was back to hooking trees and rhodo and getting tangled like a noobie. While I was able to break through double digits, I didn't hit my teens which is somewhat disappointing when you are used to landing 40-60 a trip. Granted conditions weren't the best, but I missed way to many fish including all but one good one (who escaped a pic and the dinner bag). It goes to show how much of your skill is maintained by constantly fishing, and taking advantage of that split second in order to set the hook. It was a humbling experience and will encourage me to get out there more.

    Thanks for sharing,
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    Good stuff Ducky. I haven't been on the stream as much as I wish either. I hope to change that this summer.
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    High water = more lead! Though I will admit the wading is tougher as is fighting bigger fish in the current. I went 0 for 3 on Saturday :-(

    Jim Parks

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