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    Fished I today for 5 hours. This creek is recovering from a double whammy - an historic flood in 2015, followed by an historic drought in 2016.

    When I was here in November right before the fires, you could easily navigate across CC without getting a shoe wet. It was a trickle.

    Today we brought about 10 to hand and missed as many. But these fish are really quite small - fingerlings mostly. We caught two that were maybe 6/7 inches.

    Barring another significant event, CC could be good a year from now.

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    Good to hear. This past weekend I fished an old fav of mine that I usually do pretty good there. I was rewarded with two brookies, both around 3 inches, in 3 hours. The last time I tried before that I reeked of skunk for weeks

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