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Thread: LeConte Creek

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    Default LeConte Creek

    Decided to fish this oft-overlooked water today. We jumped out right past Mynatt Park and went to town.

    Caught a number of 3-4-5 inch bows. We hiked straight up that stream for a good ways. You could rename this Plunge Pool Creek. And the creek diverges into two creeks, both producing itty bitty fish.

    DON'T FISH THIS STREAM IN SHORTS - you'll be covered in scrapes and rash after you're done. 😎

    Then drove up to the Bud Ogle Cabin and fished there, landing a couple of Specs.

    Finished off the day at No Way Jose's.

    Tremont tomorrow!

    P.S. Never use a leader made by Scientific Angler. They've got more kinks and curls than Lil' Annie and it spooks the fish. Total garbage product.

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    I dislike Rio leaders but that's what my local shop mostly carries. Anything else is hit or miss

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    I'm Gonna plug one of my favorite fly shops here for leaders because for the last 30 years I have only used these leaders and never had any issues with them....
    check out murraysflyshop....
    here is a link to his leaders....I love them.

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