In a couple of weeks I will be visiting Acadia National Park in Maine, and would like to do a little fishing while I'm there. Looks like Maine closes their rivers and streams to fishing on October 1, but the lakes/ponds in the park will still be open. Some of them are stocked with trout, but I found another site that claims there are smallmouth bass and chain pickerel in Hodgdon Pond and Seal Cove Pond. Since I've never caught a chain pickerel, I think I might try for one of those.

Has anyone here ever targeted pickerel on the fly? Any tips/tricks/hints you would care to share? What flies/leader/tippet would you recommend? Would they still be hitting topwater bugs in early October? Should I use my 6wt that I normally use for smallies, or would I be better off throwing my new 8wt Mangrove I bought for fishing saltwater flats for redfish?

Any and all info/intel/anecdotes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.