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Thread: new rod questions

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    i also have an orvis superfine carbon 4wt and love it as a dry fly rod . I have the 8ft rod and when fishing dry /dropper wish I had a bit more reach. after hiring a guide and learning proper highsticking techniques I may be looking at a 10ft rod. so your question as to the 5 wt really becomes what do you want to do . we all have our preferences. I did use a 9ft 5 wt most of my recent vacation and caught fish 4 to 13 inches on it and did not think i was over gunned at all. with my recent education I would not buy a rod shorter then 9ft. A while back I had seen a Lefty Kreh video were he said you can always choke up on a longer rod if the space becomes tight but you cant add to a short rod. so now I personally am putting length as my first criteria for my next rod.

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    I have a 10' 4wt recon that's broken (gruesome tailgate accident) that I've neglected to return. I really like that rod on the tailwaters. I can bomb casts to sections of river I can't get in position to perfectly. But as far as a mountain rod, it's not quite as slow as I'd like. But the tip is soft enough it would suffice. But from a long reach standpoint, I can vouch for that long rods. It makes a difference in casting and mending on tailwaters and high sticking in the mountains. I just wouldn't recommend it in tight quarters.

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