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    Been looking around and looks like a great place to hang out so thought I would make it official and quit lurking.

    I am originally from Western NC, about as far west as possible and still be in NC. My grandfather was a fly fisherman and tied his own flies so I kinda grew up with it, one of the first memories I have is playing with my grandfather's Martin automatic reel and I still tie on his old Thompson model A vise.

    Fast forward 35 years or so and I am retired from the Army and living to fly fish in southern appalachia. Backcountry fishing for native brook trout, or specks if your from where I am, is my passion. I backpack and hammock camp and the rougher and wilder the better.

    Recently I have been exploring some blue lines in Eastern TN and really enjoying it. Really look forward to picking yalls brains and hopefully being able to contribute as well. Thanks, Chris

    See if I can get a pic to post, I love fall colors.

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    Welcome. Looking forward to seeing some of your posts.
    My posts are worthless without pictures

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