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    Does anyone know if any trout in the park ever travel downstream in the Little River as far the town of Townsend and possibly beyond toward Walland in the winter when/if the water becomes very cold? I would think that trout would want to seek water in their preferred temperature range when possible and I thought the water far downstream would be warmer than it would be in the park in the winter. Or, do they stay in the park and just become very inactive?

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    I'm sure it happens but not much. I have caught more than a couple trout in ft loudoun lake portion of little river in Rockford. They looked like stockers but I can't say for sure

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    I heard a report of a brook trout caught in Walland. I think it had more to do with fish getting washed downstream in a flood of water than chasing preffered temps. Also where most trout live there fish predators (minus brown trout) are few with only 4 species in the water. Once you hit above the Wye your at 27 or something.
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