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Thread: Line for Syndicate 2 weight

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    Default Line for Syndicate 2 weight

    Just picked up a Syndictate 10' 2 weight. This will be my dedicated euro nymphing rod. What line would be good for this? I know Rio makes a nymphing line, anyone tried it?

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    I have the cortland euro line on my syndicate 11í 3wt
    I like it a lot when euro nymphing
    Any other time I throw a 4wt DT line
    It seems to line a heavier line
    Iíll be interested in what you come up with for the 2wt

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    I concur with roachm's advice. I have a Syndicate 10ft 3 weight and have used both Cortland and the Rio euro competition lines, which are both good on small streams for nymphing. You might check out facebook blogs on euro-nymphing to see what others recommend. Also, several commercial sites such as Tactical Fly Fishing, Competitive Angler, Blue Quill Angler, or Dakota Angler have useful information on competition lines. That being said, I usually pair it with a 4 weight Rio Perception WF line, which casts much better at longer distances, particularly on tailwaters like the Clinch for indicator nymphing. I tried casting with 2 different 3 weight lines and 3 different 4 weight lines and liked the Perception best. So my advice is to try different lines to see what works best for you.

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