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Thread: First Trip to Smoky Mountains

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    Default First Trip to Smoky Mountains

    Hello all. My wife and I will be coming down from Northern Indiana for a rest and relaxation week during the first week of May. I love to fish, but other than some very basic fly fishing on Bennett Spings in MO as a very young kid, I mostly stick to spinner rods and small farm ponds. This may not be the perfect forum for this question but any help is greatly appreciated. Would it be worth my time to bring a lightweight spinner rod and fish from the banks/wet wade using some single hook rooster tails or jigs? Can't wait for our trip!

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    Sounds like an awesome trip!

    If you are interested in fly fishing you have plenty of time between now and May to polish up some skills and fly fish on your vacation. Most of the streams in the Smokies are small and do not require fancy casting and if you have access to farm ponds catching bluegill on nymphs and flies would be a great warm up.

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    I'd do what Chris recommended. You might actually enjoy catching bream as much as you do the trout.

    But, you can also pick-up a pack of trout magnets and wear them out in the mountains. I've got buddies that fish the pink ones on flyrods with indicators, so a spinning rod with a bobber would be the same.
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    A short ultralight spinning rod and a hand full of small single hook spinners will get it done.
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