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Thread: Cherokee National Forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayR View Post
    ETA: I think the main reason you hear so much more about the GSMNP is simply due to numbers. Right at a little over 11 MILLION people visit the Smokies. Granted not all of those are fishermen, but that's a lot of people regardless.
    This. When there are a lot of people asking where to fish while staying in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Townsend, it's hard to recommend them driving 1.5 hours away to fish the NF. Also, a lot of people that fish the NF are pretty tight lipped. And rightly so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by just a hillbilly View Post
    A: There are no fish at all in the Pisgah National Forest, except for the Davidson River and the delayed harvest creeks.
    B: Yes, it is a Deliverance situation. Very much so. There are amorous unwashed hillbillies behind almost every tree that are looking to violently damage your virtue. It's a dangerous place. I live here and I won't even fish those creeks.

    The TN side of the Smokies and the CNF are much better places to fish. No hostile hillbillies, and there are so many fish that they will often crawl out of the creek and snap at your fly while you're tying it on. The NC side is mostly a waste of time and a risk of life and virtue.

    Well then, I guess I'm heading to NC on my next trip out!

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