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    So I'm really intrigued by the Airlocks and have read a few good things, but not here yet. I'm put off by spending $8 for three indicators. Have any of you used them and are they worth it?

    I've never found an indicator that works quite right. If I want to spend the afternoon on the bank undoing wind knots I attempt hopper/dropper. Never cared for Thingamabobbers much. I like using the New Zealand Strike Indicators style for the most part, but they take me forever to rig. I just can't seem to choose the right amount of wool. Stana Claus' "DIY New Zealand style strike indicators" thread is definitely worth reading if you do use NZ style. I purchased the NZ brand kit and tried Stana Claus'; and I think the 'nit picker' tool works better than the one they include with the kit.

    - Matt -

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    They are a tool to have in your bag. They ride high and definitely support bigger heavier flies and doubles. Easy to see. I like them most because they seem to hold their place on the leader (thingamabobbers seem to slip a lot for me) but are easily adjusted and I don't have to mess with the line being wrapped around an eyelet or o ring. Downside is there are three pieces, and the older I get, the more small pieces (nut and washer) something has, the more I fumble and drop things, which when you are wading can be a problem. Not sure they are great for subtle takes. So I have replaced thinhamabobbers with air locks 100%. For trout I tend to use the smaller sizes. Also, instead of running the leader flat across the slot and then tightening down with the nut, I usually run the leader through the opening of the nut to try and get more of a bend in the line to get the flies more down under the indicator. But I still like to use the yarn o ring indicators when I feel like I want/need to see more of what is actually happening with the fly.

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    I love the NZ indicator, still remember the day Barry brought the kit in for me to try. I was still guiding at the time & thought it was the Nirvana of indicators, still do. I bought a pack of Airlocks to try, basically for the reasons Hoosier mentioned.
    I have tried most everything over the years & the only thing so far to beat the NZ set up for me is a dry fly, downside to that is having to change the depth. Conditions have to be "right" for me to use a dry solely.
    I'm hoping we'll get a break from all the rain/generation around here to give the Airlocks a try.


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