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Thread: Clinch River Saturday April 14th 2018-Bangin!

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    Default Clinch River Saturday April 14th 2018-Bangin!

    I hope everyone got a chance to get out on Saturday and get some weekend therapy time on the Clinch. Finally the release schedule allowed the working angler a shot at fishing the Clinch on Saturday. I guess the upper river might have been combat fishing around Millers Island but I never saw those sections or had to deal with it. The biggest concern for me was almost constant wind, not whitecaps but what we call at the coast rollers going upriver which tells you the level of the wind in the open water sections. I think I saw Rocky with a group go by and if it was; you earned your keep on Saturday rowing.

    It was a nice change of pace after spending most of my recent time chasing fish in the Smokies on cold or rainy days, no complaints just a break from the 2wt and climbing uphill to slinging some 5wt and flies with some weight. The river was fishing like they had not seen food in months and they were as just as happy to not be swimming in a tsunami. It was an afternoon of 8-10 inch brown and rainbow stockers, with two very nice rainbows rounding it out. The biggest surprise was the number of buffalo fish people were catching, thankfully the one that I hit on a size 12 pheasant tail broke off so I did not have to deal with it! I can usually tell when someone has one from a distance, when the rod bends double and nothing breaks the surface more than likely there's a pig on the end, obviously I am not a fan and you can have as many as you want if you are!

    SIDE NOTE: Click on the Facebook link below for event information if you wish to join us in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Saturday April 21st for our next Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter meeting and cookout. Remember you never have to be a TU member to attend a Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter event, bring the family and friends. Please note Kentucky LRO forum anglers receive an extra portion and hug from your Tennessee mountain brothers!

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