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Thread: Cataloochee-May 3-7 2018 Upper-Lower N' All Around!

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    Default Cataloochee-May 3-7 2018 Upper-Lower N' All Around!

    We had planned with much anticipation this adventure since February, a long 4-day weekend of glamping not camping the Cat our usual modus operandi. I am fortunate to have a friend and fellow N.C. TU chapter member on that side of the hill who has a beautiful house on a stocked stretch of water at the base of the Cat. A group of us went in together and planned a trip of nothing but fishing every type water we could find in 4 days and cooking and eating at a level no one could ever mistake for a Weight Watchers meeting. As many of you are aware who know Bigsur when we roll on an excursion whether in the dirt or a castle we put on weight not lose it!

    A group of seven of us ranging in age from 17 years old to a number that is too old to be made public made our way to the mountain on Thursday like school kids on vacation. We had planned our meals to the letter with large country breakfasts every morning and even bigger dinners each night with everyone adding to the supplies until we overflowed two refrigerators and coolers. Yes..from burgers and brats, tuna steaks, shrimp boils and lasagna to piles of bacon-eggs and biscuits we pretty much said the h...ll with dietary restrictions with no regrets or looking back!

    The weather was as if we ordered from central casting with full streams and the only rain one night while we slept refreshing the stream. Surprisingly nymphs and streamers seemed to be the order of the day with dries not producing like you would have thought based on conditions. The best part for me was guiding our youngest member on to new waters for the first time on the Cat and watching him get his slam on as his father and I watched. It has been a thrill to watch a young man go from his first fly cast in "Kids Fish Free Day" a few years ago, to Trout Camp attendee to now getting ready to hit UT-Knox this fall. He has now reached the point where he sometimes outfishes the rest of us on a regular basis and it is a contest I do not mind losing.....much!

    Here are some pics from the journey:

    "Bigsur..will the water be close to the house?" "You will need a tweed jacket it's so close"

    "Will there be bugs?"..."Uhh.... check the walls dude!"

    "Weston teeing up from the shore"

    "How bout a Downtown Julie brown!"...."Note he makes his own lanyard...veri kool"

    "Ernie...coming to terms as Joyce outfishes him...he is now at peace!"

    "Noel stalking the stockers."

    "Weston...round two getting his bow... Bigsur's tied FishMask squirrel streamer doin the honors..Weston doin the work!"

    "Booom...Weston gets his slam!"

    "From pretty stockers to Pretty Hollow he got em all!"

    "There's a lot to be said bout campin...but sometimes fishin from a chair ain't bad!"..Bigsur

    "End to a perfect day n' a perfect trip... thanks to the crew for a great trip on the Cat!"
    "It starts with a raindrop, don't let it end with a teardrop!"

    "Nothing straightens out my mind like a twisting mountain stream!"

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    "A true conservationist is someone who knows that the world is not given by their fathers, but borrowed from their children."

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    Thanks for taking us along. looks like a great time was had.


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    Good stuff. You were almost in my backyard in those first pics. That creek has some big browns in it, and lots of wild fish along with the stockers.
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