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    I have been fortunate enough to get to fish Little River several times in the last two weeks and yesterday was probably the longest back country trip that I've taken in a while. I fished up to Campsite 21 and back with very good results. I found the water levels and temperatures to be about perfect for this time of the year and several different types of flies hatching. I noticed a lot of inch worms and Isonychias flying over the water so I matched up a Yellow Winged Sparkle Prince Nymph with a Smoky Mountain Blackbird Softhackle as a dropper. I was really impressed with the number of nice rainbows in the 12-13 in. range that came to hand. I have not seen fish average this size in several years. It would be a good time to be on the water, up high while the temperatures are in the 90s.
    Hugh Hartsell

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    I was up there as well Hugh, but on Saturday. The water was a nice 60 degrees and what I’d consider “slightly high” for this time of year which is a good thing. A lot of good sized rainbows and a mix of browns. I had my best results in a greenie weenie.

    A beautiful day to be in the Smokies!

    Jim Parks

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