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Thread: "Casting for Hope" Tournament Cherokee June 9th 2018

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    Default "Casting for Hope" Tournament Cherokee June 9th 2018

    “Casting for Hope” this past Saturday in Cherokee was a blast as twenty 2-angler teams competed on the beautiful Cherokee tribal waters for big prize money and a big cause. I was assigned to two separate teams for the morning and afternoon sessions as a controller, which means you measure the catch and release safely back to the water. I really got to see some great anglers at work as both of my teams are past and current members of the North Carolina U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team. Talk about amazing to see these guys under the age of 18 years old working the waters like grizzled veterans as they nymphed and tight-lined their way upstream. It was non-stop action as they cast to every pool, rock and riffle; catching trout and releasing them for another day. We are talking literally 50-70 fish caught by each of these young teams during the six-hour competition.
    Two anglers in attendance on another team were our first and third place winners last year in our “Battle of Gatlinburg” One Fly Tournament which is coming up in September in downtown Gatlinburg, TN. Most importantly this event helped raise money for a worthwhile charity. “Casting for Hope” is chaired by John Zimmerman, who once again put on a first class event. Thanks for letting us help and cannot wait for next year!
    For more info on "Casting for
    Hope", their work and tournaments see link below.


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