Hi everyone, this will be a bit of an introductory post as well as a specific question about the area.

My wife and I have just recently moved to Cleveland, TN by way of Sioux Falls, SD. We are wholeheartedly looking forward to the winter months since I hear that they measure annual snowfall in inches here instead of feet. Anyway, I've been fly fishing for years now, having spent most of my time out west, fishing the Black Hills in SD as well as Wyoming and Montana.

In the month that we have moved here, I have fished the Hiwassee several times as well as Tellico. While these have been a blast, my heart belongs to wild trout and especially native brookies. From what I have found online, the closest wild trout streams to Cleveland look like Gee, Wolf and Turtletown. I fished Gee this past week and caught a few wild bows. That is a beautiful little creek! I am very interested in Turtletown and it's wild browns, but I'm unclear on where to access the stream. It looks like there is some access near the town of Apalachia?...is there any access to the lower stretch where it meets the Hiwassee? Is it feasible to park on the road that parallels Wolf Creek and bushwhack to lower Turtletown Creek or is there an easier way?

Also, since native trout are my true love, I've been searching for info on native brookies in the Cleveland area. According to the stream maps, it looks like some tributaries in the Tellico watershed might be the closest option, but I have to believe that there could be populations in some of the tributaries to the Ocoee or Hiwassee. Am I totally misguided in thinking this way? If anyone has info on possible streams to search for native populations in the Hiwassee, Ocoee or Conasauga watersheds.....have 0wt, will travel. Not afraid to hoof it up to small tribs for native trout.

If you have info and don't want to share on the forum, please feel free to DM me! I'm looking for new fishing compadres as well, since we don't know many people in the area yet, so if anyone's interested in meeting up for a fishing trip, just let me know!

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this forum.