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    Default Smallmouth?

    My 13 year old is getting to big and to cool to go with Daddy much anymore, but he does enjoy fishing. Regular fishing not fly fishing and I値l take what I can get. He痴 really interested in smallmouth bass, which is a lot of fun. We値l be in the mountains in a couple of weeks, and we are staying in Townsend. I知 planning on us heading over to Abrams campground and fishing in the creek there. Is there any other place nearby that we might could catch a smallie? Do we need to hide from them like we do trout?

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    There are plenty of smallmouth in Townsend on Little River. The only issue is getting access. The lower end of town has the picnic area and a parking area for the walking/bike path through town. That area is where I would try. There are a few roadside pullouts on LR down towards Walland as well, although be very careful about posted property as most of it is private. The Little Pigeon over in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville is also good for smallmouth. You might consider renting a canoe from River Johns and floating lower Little River one day.
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    There is some decent Smallmouth fishing on the Little river on the lower end of Townsend. As David said, the picnic areas are good areas to access and wade. If you want to float some better sections in a raft, give us a call or email to Frontier Anglers TN, and we can set up a float trip on the Little river or several other of our local Smallmouth streams. We do both fly or spin.

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    Do you have a boat? There's some monsters in the TN river. Abrams is loads of fun but very slick. Very very slick

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    In my experience Smallmouth are not nearly as spooked as Trout are. Obviously you want to be careful and slow wading but larger lines and flies/ lures don't bother them
    a bit. You won't have to camo up like you're going Turkey hunting or anything.
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