Spent last weekend at Fort Mountain State park, was able to fish a few local streams within 35 min of the park. First morning parked at Emery Creek trailhead and fished both Emery and Holly, really nice area minus the trash left behind by the local rock hoppers. Wanted to spend more time up Emery but didn't venture up to far due to the local thunder storms, wouldn't want to get caught in there at all. Caught several even though the water was around 70, only one on the dry and rest on green weenie dropper. Lack of insect activity was very obvious, guess I'm spoilt by our park waters.
Second morning I drove over to Mountaintown Creek and fished up to the forest service campground, water was extremely warm at 70+ and managed 3 small bows. Water was a lot cooler once I reached the campground, especially Bear Creek. Guess I fished to low. Only saw a few bugs here also......all on the GW.