I am new to the site.

I live in Alcoa and I am thinking of going to some of the little TN river reservoirs to try my luck at trout fishing with my son.

I am thinking I would like to try Calderwood lake first. I would like to fish live bait for the most part.

I might through a rooster tail or some other lures.

I was thinking of taking out my 19 ft fiberglass fish and ski..... Not sure how well it will work??

Is the ramp good enough to launch off of? I know you have to drive the dragon to get to the ramp.

Any advice or tips would be great, would just like to get my son on some fish and I know it will have to be cooler fishing on these Mountain lakes rather than the ones closer to home for now.

Would like to make a pattern for us of spring/fall fishing for bass, crappie, etc on the Ft Loudoun and do some summer fishing in the mountains when it gets hot.