Hey guys Iím just starting to really hit the trout in East Tennessee. I use to trout fish in Arkansas but itís a different world here. I got a pair of waders and have tried the clinch but have no idea the best way to fish with a rod and reel. I simply did a trout bobber and some salmon eggs while I figure out the layout of the clinch. I have heard spinners work well but any advice would be appreciated. I bought a fly rod but didnít realize how complicated it can be to get set up and know what line to use or how to properly tie on. Plan to get more proficient slowly but surely but Iím out at least every other weekend. I have a new Jeep Wrangler so Iím finally going to go to citico creek since I here itís great for trout as well. So any advice on where to start and what to use would be awesome guys!