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Thread: No fish but a new fly fishing buddy

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    Default No fish but a new fly fishing buddy

    After many years absence I got back into the park for a little fishing. It was a family affair and a good time had for my wife, father in law, and son. Somewhere along the trip my son asked to use my fly rod. It took me longer than it should have but I finally handed over my fly rod and let him cast one for the first time. He did great and later on the way home asked when we could go again. I said December 5th the TWRA will stock the steams at home (Clarksville, TN) with trout for the winter. He smiled and said good, lets go get them. Looks like I not only have a lake fishing buddy now, but a fly fishing buddy too.
    After our practice session he decided to take plunge. He came out knowing the mountain streams in brookie waters are seriously cold

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

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    It's an AWESOME opportunity to teach a child how to fish the Smokies! I was fortunate to have been taught by some "masters", and I'm blessed to pass it along. I have a few more pupils to go. My last is 10 months old, but I can tell he's got a strong casting arm

    The best advice, 1) Keep it fun 2) Keep it simple

    Jim Parks

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