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Thread: Big Browns...... Some “Secrets”

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    Default Big Browns...... Some “Secrets”

    Mark Your Calendar... Groundhog Day

    Over the past few years, I’ve posted a few photos of some of the larger browns that I’ve caught in the Park. A lot of the success I’ve had over the years has come from using a few simple patterns that have been around for many years and, EASY TO TIE!! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a great fly tier (Gary Troutman will be in on had for that part)

    So, on February 2nd, I’ll be sharing those patterns I learned to tie over 40 years ago that work as well today as they did back then. Admittedly, I’m a little better at using them now. I’ve even been collecting a database of every trip I’ve taken since 1989, and THESE FLIES CONTINUE TO WORK! Did I say they’re easy to tie?

    So, where does the “Big Browns” come in? In the past 3 years, I have used EACH PATTERN to catch at least 1 brown 18” or longer. In addition to the old patterns, I will be tying 2 others that I developed years ago. One, I’ve only shown to a couple of people since tying it in the mid 80’s. It’s first use resulted in a broken line when a huge brown gulped it on a July morning just above the Sinks. My largest this year, a 23” Brown, was caught on it in August.

    So, I hope you’ll stop by Little River Outfitters between 10 & 2 and allow me to share a bit of my experience on a few old patterns. If I can make fly fishing a little easier
    for someone, the day will have been a success! Did I say they’re Easy To Tie?

    Jim Parks
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    I'm looking forward to it! Jim and I have fished together since the mid 90s. He is a great fly fisherman and really has a knack for finding big browns. I hope everyone gets to come up to LRO on Feb 2 to watch Jim tie some of his patterns. Few have seen some of them, as they aren't sold in fly shops anymore if ever. I plan on tying in the shop that day also, so if your interested in warmwater fly patterns for Smallmouth and panfish, I will be tying some at the other table. I will have some info on the Float trips that Josh and I offer at Frontier Anglers TN for Smallmouth and Trout.

    Gary Troutman

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