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Thread: January 05, 2019 Middle Prong during high water.

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    Default January 05, 2019 Middle Prong during high water.

    On Saturday, I planned on heading to LRO to watch Dave and Melissa Harrell tie flies. Well since I was up real early I decided to head to the middle prong and scout out the water (already knowing it was running a little high). Below the Wye the water was stained, As I turned up Tremont road the water looked clearer but still a little on the high side. I thought to myself, I came all this way and I still had time to burn before the demonstrations would begin. So I found a spot that I normally wouldn't fish during the warmer months. I rigged up my rod for chunking heavy wooly buggers. To my amazement, I managed to catch my personal best for the park. This 17 inch rainbow. My second best was a 16.5 inch brown caught 3 years ago on January 3 ,2016.

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    That's a heck of a fish.

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    Just sayin, New Year's Day Karma works for Kris, great job dude!
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