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    Default Tellico Plains

    How’s the fishing around there for newbies? My son is wanting to start fly fishing and I thought that might be a better place for him to learn as opposed to the mountain streams we all love. I am thinking there’s more room to cast and I’ve read they stock the streams. What do you guys think?
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    Depending on what part of the Tellico you fish, there is about the same amount of room as most streams in the Smokies. That being said, the Tellico is full of stockers but also full of plenty of other fishermen especially bait guys unless you go during the the DH. Also remember that other than the DH time you have to buy a daily permit. FYI.

    There are some wild streams in the South Cherokee, but they’re pretty skinny.

    ETA: How old is your son? Does he expect to fish more mountain/blueline streams or tailwaters?
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    I think it's a great place for him to learn, especially during the DH. Up stream of the hatchery offers short casting, and alot of the time you can see the fish you're casting to, feeding in front of or behind a boulder. The water is typically very clear. Seeing the fish holding can really help him to focus on presentation, and stealth. Additionally, the Bald and North Rivers offer a different, and more challenging option, though the fish are smaller, and less abundant.

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    Default Getting there

    A free (read-only) map download: Tellico River Headwaters & Santeetlah & Snowbird Creeks

    Viewed best by first downloading and then opening with Acrobat Reader (or equivalent mobile reader app).
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    Frankly, I would spend more time on Sycamore Creek or the North River versus fishing on the big river (Tellico). He'll have shorter casting distances and smaller water to contend with. I spend most of my time on those 2 streams when I go up there. For me, the Tellico and Bald Rivers aren't as enjoyable as the 2 aforementioned streams (Tellico-too crowded/Bald-doesn't fish well for me). During stocking season, you'd have to get up really early or wait until late morning to even find a parking spot on the thanks. That being said, I've caught bigger fish on the Tellico.

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