My girlfriend's son is getting married in mid-October this year up in Connecticut. In an effort to scratch Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts off of my bucket list of catching a fish on the fly in all 50 states, I plan on making this a two-week trip and doing as much fishing as possible while we're up in that area. I'll probably target the Housatonic and/or Farmington Rivers in CT, but RI and MA (probably the Cape Cod area) will most likely be saltwater ponds and/or estuary fishing so I plan on bringing my SOT kayak for that purpose. Given that the weather is likely to be fairly cool that time of year I'm trying to figure out the best way to dress for the occasion.

I could wear my regular waders, but they're kind of baggy, not terribly flexible, and I think they would be rather uncomfortable to fish in from the kayak. Plus I think they would get real dangerous really quickly in the case of a capsize event. But I don't necessarily want to go full dry-suit because of the expense and probable limited use. So I'm thinking about getting a pair of mid-weight neoprene waders to wear along with my fishing jacket and PFD.

Anybody here ever do this sort of thing or have any recommendations on what works? Are neoprene waders any easier to move around in than your typical breathables? Any and all comments, ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.