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    Will be camping with friends in roane mtn state park next weekend. Will be a family trip with kids. A few are interested in fly fishing. Have been researching the area and found information about the doe river and laurel fork. My questions are,
    1. Are these creeks stocked?
    2. Will kids and rookies be able to stay out of the trees on these?
    3. Is there any other smaller streams relatively close by that would be better?

    I have fished mostly in the smokies and tellico areas. I am not looking for any honey holes or special spots but all I have found on the webs is these 2 streams. I'm just not very familiar with the area.


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    Doe River is definitely stocked, and I believe Laurel Fork is as well. There's not a lot of rhodo encroaching on the Doe, especially in the section between the visitor center and the campground, so casting is definitely easier than some of the smaller streams in the Smokies and CNF. It's also pretty easy wading. There's another section of the Doe that goes through a gorge down near Hampton, but I've never fished it so really can't help much with that. You can also fish the Wautauga tailwater through Elizabethton, and the South Holston is only about 45 minutes away. Of course, with all the rain we've had lately the tailwaters are pretty much spilling water all day every day and not suitable for wading. Good luck, and tight lines! SC
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