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Thread: Since no one posts here anymore...

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    Default Since no one posts here anymore...

    ...I will do an obligatory post for some April 2019 East TN tail water fishing...

    Sunday April 7...drove up to Northeast corner of TN meet some friends to fish a couple of tail waters

    -The W tail water...many boats floating and lots of wade fishing...fished it early in the AM and weather seemed to be a factor...major front was moving through so early to midday was cloudy then rain then cloudy then sun then cloudy...did see some folks having success in the riffles...we had no fish to hand in the slow moving sections we fished...only a few light strikes.

    We took a break for lunch and the fellas I drove up to meet had not fished the other well known S tail water in NE TN. I drove them over and pointed out some good spots for wading near Nunya Island and above Old Nunya Bridge when the water is down...flow was around 1000cfs on the 7th so no wading in most sections. We drove on up and found a decent, safe spot to wade. I rigged up with the standard fishing fare for the S tail water...they chose to just grab their rods and hit the water with their W tail water rigs. Several other wade fishermen were slapping the water with their rigs but there were no takers. I found a slot to lay down my indicator rig and had 2 rainbows and a brown to hand in about 15 minutes...not big fish but not a skunk for the day either!! One of the fellas I was fishing with became keenly interested in my setup so I handed him my rod and showed him the ropes of fishing this tiny fly and indicator rig on this river. I commenced to rigging his line in a similar fashion and before I finished the setup of his line, he had 2 rainbows to hand...he was a quick study...he found similar looking water near me and proceeded to catch on his own. He had a total 6 for the day and I finished with 7. The other fella kept with his tight line nymphing rig and brought 2 fish to hand...this was particularly impressive as this fella has been fly fishing less than a year. In fact the both of them had taken a fly fishing class at ETSU just last spring.

    Saturday April 27...favorable flows were the ticket for floating the Clinch...put in at Millers Island around 830 with about 30 other boats... they were there for the PHWFF event...water was very stained and full of floating rock snot and the Clinch River aquatic plants. We floated all the way down to Cold Water shoals with nothing but a couple of strikes and saw no one else bring fish to their boat. Motored back to Millers around midday and water was more typical clarity...floated down again and hit pay dirt with about ten to the boat on the way down...motored back up and floated again and finished with 20+ fish to the boat before the generation schedule stopped the flow. Turned out to be a very good day!!

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    Sounds like you had a couple of fun trips and showing someone else is always satisfying, thanks for taking the time to post. Good read!

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