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Thread: Looking for a Chest Pack

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    Default Looking for a Chest Pack

    I have a vest, sling pack, and a waste pack but was looking for something for a minimal day on the river. I was looking at the Fishpond San Juan Chest Pack and the Fishpond Medicine Bow Chest Pack. Has anyone used either of these and/or made a comparison and can make a recommendation? Also, any other chest packs you may have had good experience with. Thank you for your assistance!

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    I have a San Juan chest pack. It is great as far as being compact. The only thing I don't like about it is when pulling out extra line, it tends to hang and get caught on the pack. Other than that, it is very well made. I don't have any experience with the other chest pack. For me, I have gone back to a vest. I use the Vacquero from Fishpond.

    Be aware that on Amazon there is an almost duplicate chest pack for the San Juan. Same everything except for a couple of loops. Same color and everything, but do NOT buy it. It is cheaper for a reason. I fell for it and on my first outing it ripped at the sewn in shoulder strap tabs on the pack. If you do buy a San Juan, get the real deal. You will be dollars ahead.

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    I gave up chest packs for a sling pack because I like to see where I am stepping in the stream.
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