While out fishing Saturday, the water was very dingy / borderline muddy, it was high and rising and the rain was coming down heavy and in BIG splashing drops. It was tough conditions, but I was making the best of it. I tend to like fishing in heavy rain, and dingy, high water, just not SO "muddy" and not rolling high water. While using the conditions of heavy rain and dingy water to my benefit in a stealthier approach, I tied on heavier flies to get them down and fished the "softer" water. As the water continued to rise, I wound up dead drifting and twitching a black conehead woolybooger to attract strikes from feeding trout, most of which were 10-16" in length.

Question: As I was fishing, I wondered about other techniques. For the dry fly purists out there, do you still fish in downpours when the rain is so hard and heavy that the surface looks like someone is slinging gravel into the pools? Do you find it harder to keep your flies afloat amidst the heavy bombardment of rain drops? What about dingy water? Can the trout still see and rise to your flies?

Just wondering....

Jim Parks