Went with my wife to Porter's Creek and convinced her to go down off the cliff into the “gorge”! I had always seen the water down there, but never had time to actually do it. When I go to Porters Creek, I usually hit all the spots on the way up and eat up half the day catching fish right on the side of the trail. But yesterday, I took my wife with me and after she said “I’m fine either way, we can fish on the trail or do the cliff thing you where talking about” I just decided to lock her into that commitment like a verbal agreement to not divorce me after she realizes what I got her into! We went just over a mile up the trail to where the main trail splits and dropped down into the river at the steepest part of the bank. You could go in where it’s flatter, down by the foot bridge, but I’ve done that before and wanted to start where I left off last time. So, we went down the super steep part, which is around 100’ at a 70° angle downward according to my GPS. We basically slid into home plate while grabbing onto rhodo to slow ourselves down!

We made it down there and my wife got the 12ft 5:5 ultralight tenkara rod out with 9ft of 15lb flouro for running line, 4ft of 5x tippet with a #12 yellow neversink caddis like 6” below the line/tippet knot (mostly as an indicator), then one of the #14 yellow quill body tungsten bead euro jigs I tied up onto the end. She had an 8” rainbow before I even got my camera out of the bag! We caught a bunch all day, I used my home built 9ft 2/3wt with just 9ft of 5x on it and a yellow #14 tungsten bead soft hackle I tied! She was fishing the caddis on top some and catching them on it and the euro jig, but also tight-lining the euro jig in smaller runs with the caddis in the air. I was tight-lining my soft hackle all day until it fell apart from too many fish teeth! I switched to the same euro jig she was using because I UV resin coated the whole bodies and they are indestructible!