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Thread: Otters

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    There's a whole lot of history and back story to the otters reintroduction into the park, and no matter what ones knowledge is on the topic one thing is clear.....their here and unless disease gets them, there not leaving. I personally think they are a neat critter but also know they are a killing machine, not just rough fish as claimed. One thing to keep in mind while preparing to fish a section of stream, if you see circular wet suction cup looking prints on the rocks, better move on and find new water. Once they go through the trout hide for a long time. Fwiw.

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    I was fishing the Little Pigeon last week below town, catching some pretty little Green Sunfish and Bream on my 3 wt, and I saw the fish scatter out of the weed beds all of a sudden. A gar fish pulls up, about 30 inches
    long, he sees me but I drop the Walt's popper on his nose anyway. He smacked it but the hook never found purchase and came flying back when he turned away. That would have really been fun for about 5 seconds if I could have hooked him!
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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