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Thread: Fall Creek Falls State Park

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    I'm going to be camping at Fall Creek Falls last week of July. I noticed that they have started stocking rainbows and brooke trout in 2 places within the park. Has anybody fished there for trout? Any help will be appreciated since I have never been there before thanks in advance!

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    I may be mistaken, and welcome anyone correcting me if I'm wrong, but I think they are part of the Winter Stocking Program as a strictly put-and-take fishery. I'm pretty sure the water there gets too warm in the summer for any trout to survive once the weather starts getting hot. And according to the TWRA website, the last time they stock there is in mid-May. By the end of July I wouldn't expect there to be any trout left there to speak of. But I might well be wrong.
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    In 1979 there were lots of smallmouth bass in Cane Creek below the falls. Don’t know about now. I don’t think trout could long survive July temperatures or July tourists. If you go in the gorge below the falls be careful and take a friend. Around where where Piney Creek joins Cane Creek the creek goes underground and does not resurface for several miles.

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