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Thread: what pack for a day, in summer time?

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    Default what pack for a day, in summer time?

    If you was going to start out early in the morning and be out all day fishing, what sort of pack would you prefer? I am talking about summer time so it's going to be hot. What do you guys use? Vest, sling pack, chest pack, backpack or something entirely different I am looking for recommendations.

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    I wear a Simms sling and love it. It took some getting used to but now it’s great. I’m fairly minimalist though most days and many times have a cup of flies, some tippet, and some yarn in my wader pocket

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    I like the Fishpond Field Pack. Reasonable price and very well made.

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    Revamped gear this spring.
    Fishpond Summit sling pack [$99]
    Fishpond West Bank wading belt [$49]
    Both are newer designs .
    Sling pack seems well built with a lot of options like tool stations and places to add straps for carrying a rain jacket or rod tube. This version not water proof so lower priced.
    The wading belt is new version with a built in net holster and ample back support. Has wide entry point for net and tool stations to add water bottles, wading staff etc.
    The only negative so far on sling pack is they put an internal net holder on the sling pack that seems awkward. The wading belt makes up for it, so far pleased with set up, all available at LRO.
    Note: As any angler can tell you it's about what works for you. the only way is to experiment. The downside you eventually end up with a room full of gear and no idea where it all came from!
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    What type of vest, pack, sling, etc. is a very subjective question. Just about every person has their own answer as to what works for them and don’t forget body size or type, that has a bearing on what is the best for you. You very well may end up trying a couple of different setups before you figure out what you prefer.

    That being said, I have used a neck lanyard, chest pack and a few different vests. I have come back to my Fishpond vest as it is mesh and doesn’t heat you up in the summer and has tons of pockets and loop points. This what I use on blueline streams when walking in. I do use a neck lanyard when fly fishing out of a boat. Less to get hung up and I have a separate boat bag with flys, poppers, tools, etc.

    i will I’ll say this though, watch out when buying online and only buy quality products. My lesson learned was an all but identical Fishpond chest pack I picked up for considerably less. It broke on the very first outing when the stitch work fell apart. Lesson learned.

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