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Thread: Tenkara flies?

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    Default Tenkara flies?

    I hope this is the right place on the forum for this question, but is there a technical reason you donít see people fishing with say foam beetles and green weenies on a tenkara rod? Can you fish a 2 fly set up like that? Weighted nymphs and such? Iíve got all kinds of flies tied up, and I enjoy being in the backcountry fishing. And it seems to me a tenkara rod would definitely be a lighter set up for back packing, but I wonder about the flies?
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    You can use just about any fly you want with a Tenkara rod. My GF fishes with all different kinds of nymphs (most of them weighted) and often times with two nymphs rigged the same as a high stick nymph rod is rigged. She will even put a small split shot on the tippet between the two flies. As far as not seeing people fishing with foam beetles and green weenies on a Tenkara rod, all I can say is I have never even seen anyone fishing with a Tenkara rod period. Go ahead and use the Tenkara with nymphs and use the high stick method and it will work great for you.

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    I have a full flex (5:5) 12ft Motsugo tenkara rod that is SUPER light (1.2oz), it's lighter than my 7ft 2wt TFO Finesse. I still fish weighted nymphs with it all time! Almost always a tungsten bead double nymph rig. I tied some small foam beetles with legs and fished them a lot as an indicator fly with a weighted nymph dropped off of them. My tenkara rod is the lightest and most flexy one I've ever tried and it has no problem high sticking those double nymphs or the dry/dropper combo. That being said, a light and flexy tenkara rod like mine is much better at precisely landing and keeping unweighted soft hackles in tiny pockets.

    Here are my favorite tenkara flies for the Smokies!

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