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Thread: Reel Repair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
    I was there Saturday day and early evening, most time spent in casting area/picnic tables or interviewing people for
    Southern Trout magazine article. Very well could have met, there were a lot of new faces for me to talk with, this event always a blast
    and learning experience.
    Yeah, I was at the very first one around 20 years ago. That was when the Clark forums were bamboo and fiberglass combined. (I am more of a fiberglass fan than bamboo). I attended another one a few years later and then did not attend again until last year. I was living in Florida during all of this time. I moved to Townsend two years ago and now I don't have any excuse to not attend. BTW, if you did meet me you would not forget me as I am the only grown 5'2" man who fly fishes the Smokies.
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