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    Sorry for my dislexic header "Guides" Sometimes I don't notice it right away. Can someone reccommend a decent Clinch drift guide? My sons are coming up from sarasota the first week of August and would love to show them what drifting on the Clinch is all about even though I haven't done it yet. Thanks for your help.
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    There are a number of good guides and you can't go wrong with any of them, but I've always enjoyed going down the river with Mike Bone. I might be wrong, but I'd guess he's probably taken more folks down the Clinch over the years than just about anyone else. He really knows the Clinch (as well as other rivers like the Holston) and will put you on some fish. Just as important, he's a great guy to spend the day with. Whether your party is comprised of experts or novices, he's not one to judge your cast or your technique but he will teach you a lot if you are willing to listen.

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