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    With a few weeks remaining of the Summer, I was wondering how fishing has been? I've fished only a handful of times since the amazing day I had back in June. I spent most of July travelling, then the water got really low and I HATE fishing in low water. The trickling stream just makes me sad and the fish are SO spooky. This weekend, I spoke with a guy from Knoxville wearing a white shirt. I asked how it was going, his reply, "not a bite". I asked if he'd like some advice and he nodded. My first recommendation was "take off the white shirt the trout in the Clinch can see you! Then I recommended he fish in the white water where there's more oxygen, which is low when the water is warm". He thanked me and said he never realized my recommendations. I hope he found success.

    I was able to fish in early August and went to the same stretch I'd fished back in June. In the first 3 hours, I struggled to only catch 3! It was sunny, water conditions were very good, but the forecast was for showers. As I expected, the rain hit, and the bite turned on. Still, I only caught 19 in water that only 6 weeks earlier I had quit counting at 70!

    I did make up for it this past Saturday. I went fishing with a long-time fishing buddy. We'd gone back nearly 20 years and had traveled to Yellowstone, Upper Montana, and Alaska. He's a very good fisherman, but just had never reached the 20" club in the Smokies. Driving to the Park, I told him, as I'd told my wife the night before, that my goal was for him to catch a 20 incher. The fishing was a bit slow, but not bad. Neither of us was having luck spotting any large trout. We came upon some "sure fire" areas that had produced before, but nothing. It's like they were on vacation as was everyone else on Labor Day Weekend. But unlike all others, they'd gone somewhere OTHER than the GSMNP, perhaps Pigeon Forge? Stalking our way up a long pool, we saw what we thought was something upstream on the bottom in about 6 ft of water. He made a bad cast and had to break off. I gave him my rod that had a Grampus and a Greenie Weenie tied on. He made a long cast above the area several times, then suddenly the tiny, yellow, roll-on indicator that was a few feet underwater darts forward and it is fish on, and a big one! We could tell when it leaped at least 2 ft out of the water. Going from his 6wt, to my 4wt was a HUGE change for him and he seemed to panic briefly as the trout made a hard run upstream. It was VERY strong. It inexplicably stopped at the edge of some rapids at the head of the pool, choosing not to flee further upstream, giving us a chance to catch up. He masterfully applied side to side pressure and slowly wore it down. As usual, I missed it with the net a few times before, much to his relief, I brought it in. It measured EXACTLY 20 inches! He caught it on the greenie weenie, with the weight of the Grampus getting it down to the bottom where the trout was holding.

    20" brown....

    Having met my ultimate goal for the day, I made a few casts as we moved on upstream and I caught one a bit smaller, but still a beautiful day. I wound up catching two 16 inchers, but the best part was enjoying his initiation into the "20 inch club" in the Smokies. Both of mine were on the Grampus.

    16 inch brown....

    Hope Summer is going well!

    Jim Parks
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    Those are some more nice fish. You out did yourself again.

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    Beautiful fish!!!! I hope to one day catch one that size my biggest brown in the park is 13". But I will be up there starting next monday for 2 weeks so maybe just maybe it will happen!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice job, to both of you, under tough conditions.

    Ginseng Man
    Hugh Hartsell

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