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Thread: Fly Patterns for first week in November

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    Default Fly Patterns for first week in November

    Wife and I are driving up from Shalimar Florida (Fort Walton Beach, Destin area) for the Fly Tyers Weekend in a couple of weeks. We will be doing a some Little River fly fishing too. Looking for some suggestions of what kind of fly patterns to tie that will be suitable for this time of year.

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    Here are three links straight from Little River Outfitters website one on Smokies Fishing by Byron Begley and the other on flies for Fall and Winter in the Smokies. Both good for people new to Smokies fishing and a good refresher for those of us who live here. See you at Fly Tyers Weekend!

    Fishing Link

    Fall Fly Link:

    Winter Fly Link:
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    #12 October Caddis and #14 orange palmers have been working well lately for me. Getting about time for little BWO imitations, too.
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