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    Default Honeymooning in New Mexico

    Had an amazing time at the Albuquerque Ballon Fiesta but no one is here to look at pictures of the balloons so on to the fishing.

    Left Albuquerque headed north through Jemez Springs. Stopped by a small stream with a couple pretty waterfalls. Saw quite a few fish but had trouble bringing any to the service. Went with old faithful and was able to catch my first cut bow on a yellow never sink. Went and explored the caldera but we got there late so didn't have any time to get to the better creeks. Scenery was absolutely gorgeous.

    188C3674-231F-42F6-9377-A440C8302D6C by wallace west, on Flickr

    EBC41BEC-C16F-4617-A978-A676E9BB4275 by wallace west, on Flickr

    80FFD04F-3C06-4C75-A28B-BFBEC54A6F63 by wallace west, on Flickr

    Woke up the next day and met the guide. We ended up driving over an hour from our Air BnB and the drive ended up being worth every minute. Hiked down into a gorge and then followed the river for maybe a mile before turning around and fishing back up. The wind was insane and our guide more than earned his money untangling double nymph rigs. Fished trash pretty much all day. Mops, squirmies, and wooly buggers all got hit. Our guide said they usually fish smaller nymphs but the wind was making it impossible to get a decent drift. Had a blast and both me and my wife caught our personal best wild rainbows. It's my fault we don't have a picture of her with her fish since I had to go and hook one at the same time. Trip was an absolute blast and LOE fly fishing worked with us to deliver exactly what we were looking for if you're looking for a guide in the area.

    5F91609A-E688-41A7-AD92-74732FD60D05 by wallace west, on Flickr

    D1D5AF92-D30F-4C83-8167-A5724B1A61FF by wallace west, on Flickr

    Next day we woke up to temps in the Mid 20s so we stayed in bed until about 10. We rode up to Taos and had an excellent breakfast at Gutiz. Highly recommend stopping by if you happen to be in the area. The Saltado was probably the best thing we ate in New Mexico. Ran into one of the local fly shops and they recommended swinging by the Rio Grande and it happened to be on the way home. Caught 10-15 browns in a little over 2 hours of fishing on little pheasant tails. Also saw some of the locals which was pretty cool.

    287B3E2E-B68D-4290-966E-C92C33D010FC by wallace west, on Flickr

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    IMG_2408 by wallace west, on Flickr

    The last day was by far my favorite. Our guide drew us a treasure map on how to get to this magical place. Wild browns way back in the middle of no where. They were hitting the small pheasant tails again so we only fished 2 flies all day.

    Headed Down

    69FA942B-6AC7-498C-9FF9-2D6204F25F11 by wallace west, on Flickr

    First look at the river.

    52FFE813-8BD5-4379-B0C9-5573E7DE6589 by wallace west, on Flickr

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    Congrats! Awesome

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