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    So I was fishing in Cataloochee back at the end of September and ran across a nice older gentleman. We spoke briefly and went on down the creek. I later ran across him fishing and could see from a distance that he knew what he was doing. Only made short, precise casts and only one or two to the choicest spots as he methodically moved upstream. He was a true throwback to yesteryear as he waded in worn denim overalls and an old felt hat. He wore a traditional khaki vest that you could easily tell had logged many miles. I pointed him out to my son as a true glimpse of southern Appalachian fishing history.

    I later purchased on of the Great Smoky Mountain Association's Smokies Life magazines that I'd missed as it featured trout fishing on the cover, and lo and behold there featured prominently in the article was a profile of Mr. Ray Ball, a noted local fly angler.

    I was wondering if anyone on here knew much about him. He seemed very genuine and was very pleasant to talk with briefly on the stream.

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    He is legend in these parts not only for his fishing skills but fly tying. LRO has him in for Saturday fly tying sessions, watch for schedule, the stories he tells while tying is the best part. You were fortunate to see an artist at work in the streams.
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    My wife and I were fishing several years ago over near Elkmont and we met Ray. He stopped to speak with us and not only shared some insights about catching trout, but even a couple of flies he had tied. He was kind beyond words and such a gracious fellow. That meeting was an incredible blessing and made that visit to the mountains one of our best ever!!!
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