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    In between Family Christmas events I kept staring at the weather forecast for Thursday - Saturday. Eventually brought it up to the Wife and she said she was on board to make the 8hr drive up since we were both already off work. We ended up bringing the mountain bikes so only fished one day.

    The night before we went fishing we were talking about the plan for the next day. Typically we hike back into the park whenever weíre up that way but she was dead set on catching fish and itís been hit or miss for me in the park during winter. Decide my best shot at getting her on fish was the upper Nanty.

    We went to bed early and were on the upper by 9:00 along with what seemed like every other fly fisherman in the state. Every pull off had a car with quite a few of the pull offs having multiple cars. We hooked one nice fish but it wasnít really happening for us. Decided to make a move about 11 with more people still arriving.

    Rode down and looked at the tuck but itís big water and was moving pretty good so we decided to go with plan c and hike up into the park while we still had some daylight left.

    it ended up being the right decision and we were able to hook 5 and land 3 beautiful rainbows in an hour or so of fishing. Also didnít see anyone else fishing the whole time we were on the creek. All my fish came on a little walts variant I tied up. Probably wonít make it back up until after tax season is over but every trip to the mountains has me begging to go back.

    A88B7B89-7E7E-4574-906D-C3040075A9D0 by wallace west, on Flickr

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    Good to see a report and someone catching some fish. I like the park fish the best. 😂

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