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Thread: Euro Nymph versus High Sticking

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    Default Euro Nymph versus High Sticking

    What's the difference? I see lots of videos on Euro Nymphing and while I haven't seen videos on high sticking, from everything I have been told it is the same thing?? I am just wondering. There was a really helpful couple of guys I met last year on Lynn Camp Prong that told me about high sticking. Unfortunately I didn't get their names.
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    In my opinion they are essentially one in the same. Euro nymphing is a generic term for all of the different types of fishing with nymphs that originated in such countries as France, Poland, Spain, Czechoslovakia, etc. Where most of the differences are among those different countries is the leader itself. There are several well known nymph fisherman such as George Daniels, Lance Egan, etc. that can demonstrate it via their books, videos, YouTube channels, etc.

    They can also differ with the type of line used as well. Some use mono rigs and some use professional nymph lines and some just use regular fly line.

    I am still new to the game and the two things that helped me the most was going to a mono line to eliminate line sag and making sure you have the best balanced rod/reel you can get. Finally doing those two things have made it more comfortable and more successful. Adding the right amount of weight to the fly rig and getting a leader you like, sighter , etc. is also very important.
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    George Daniel’s book on Nymph Fishing does an excellent job explaining the difference between high sticking and euro nymphing. Lots of similarities and also some differences. I highly recommend that book!
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    Agree with David 100% on George Daniel's book Dynamic Nymphing. It is really dense with details. Another resource that has been really helpful for me are some videos done by Lance Egan, Devin Olsen and Gilbert Rowley. You can order them online or buy them on the Vimeo app. Just google Modern Nymphing or Adaptive Fly Fishing. They are really detailed and you can watch it in practice. You can really dork out on some technical stuff in the videos.

    I wasn't a bad fisherman before, but adding this to my skill set has made a big difference in hook ups.

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    Check out the new Orvis Guide videos...there is one with George Daniel that goes into it in depth. It can be found on The New Flyfisher on YouTube...not sure if it’s on Prime yet.
    the whole 2nd season is really good.

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