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Thread: I threw all of my conventional fly fishing rules to the wind today, and it worked!

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    I almost always fish woolly boogers or most other streamers downstream. I have had very little luck fishing them upstream like you would a dry or nymph.
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    As the saying goes, "rules are made to be broken". That's one of the reasons I avoid arguing with others about how to, but instead I go off my experience, realizing that I'm still learning after 42 yrs. One think experience has tought me.... trout don't know the "rules".

    Of your rules, the last two I find the least applicable depending on the situation.

    4. NEVER hold the bug up in the current: A few years ago, I was casting a black woolybooger down and across thru a deep hole. Nothing was biting and nothing even showed itself. I remember all those times looking in pools and seeing trout hold steady in the current apparently feeding. So, I thought I would imitate a small trout just holding steady in the current and BANG! I brought an 18" brown to the net. I find different retrieves, including dead drifts work from time to time.

    The FISH AREN'T FEEDING IN THE FAST CURRENTS ANYWAY. I always take a thermometer with me when fishing in the Smokies. It tells me where I can expect trout to be holding. For example, again a few years back I was fishing a small creek on a predicted 95 degree day (cooler in the mtns) and by noon the thermometer showed the water was 65 degrees, I thought a bit warm for the elevation. So, realizing warmer water holds less oxygen I focused on the white water and cast a greenie weenie into a waterfall which dumped fast moving water into a pocket. As the fly appeared out of the whitewater, so did a large mouth (jaws music). It took the fly and turned back to the waterfall. I set the hook and the fight was on. After a tough fight, I landed a 22" brown. Remember, there are times that trout will hold in faster water and times they lay in slack water, times they'll be in the sun and times they'll be in the shade. I've seen them about everywhere except sunbathing on the bank! But I guess that's where the rattlers are and, like me wish to avoid them.

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    This is a little off your topic. My wife and I hope to be in NM in September and plan on the Rio Castilla and Valle Vidal. Any advice?

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    Fish don't read books on intricate fly fishing tactics

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