I want to hear your stories of discovering unknown or little known trout waters in and around the Smokies. I obviously don't expect (or want) you to share locations. I just want to hear the stories! I just love knowing those waters are out there. I will share one of my stories below of fishing a stretch of water that I could find no positive info about, but ended up producing one of my best days in the Park.

One day this summer I set out with the goal of getting my first grand slam. Having started out in a larger body of water, catching a rainbow and brown right away, I quickly set my sights on a brookie. I hopped in the car and headed to higher elevations. As I passed the pull outs for the brookie-holding tributaries, they were all full. I didn't want to be fishing water right behind anybody, so I kept driving up the mountain. Everything I had read about the main river in forums and books was not encouraging, but that was quickly becoming my only option. As I neared the top of the mountain, I pulled over in a small pull out that I knew was a good distance away from the river at this point. This was my last chance without driving to a completely different drainage. After bushwacking downhill for 150-200 yards, I reached the small headwaters of the main river. It looked like perfect brookie water, but I tried to meter my expectations as I remembered everything I'd read about it. I started fishing right where I had come out of the vegetation and BOOM, a little 6" brookie on the second cast. Mission accomplished - Grand Slam! I had literally only caught 3 fish at this point - a rainbow, a brown and a brookie. I continued to fish up stream and had the best day of brookie fishing in the Park that I have ever had. It was only made sweeter by catching a good mix of 7" - 9" rainbows in the same stretch of water. It may have just been a fluke of a day, or maybe I was fishing higher up than most people do in that stream. Or maybe everyone on the forums was lying to keep it to themselves Whatever the case may be, it was a very memorable day of fishing for me!