Hope all in east TN are doing well. I am gonna try to sneak over next weekend in hopes of seeing some beaks coming up for the big bugs. I was lucky enough to spend 4 years around knoxville and have fished holston, S holston, and clinch a good number of times but I was hoping to pick everyone's brain about where they think the most ideal river would be to fish out of a drift boat, as well as a towee (with an outboard motor on it), in hopes of getting on this cicada bite.

Bonus points for lodging with close river access cause there ain't no sense in not skating some mice under the moonlight.

Will be a party of 6 dudes coming over, tent camping or renting a cabin would be viable. Access to quality water would be the most important factor.

Thanks again for any thoughts.

Sincerely, David Regan.