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Thread: Smoky Brook Trout Stream

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    Default Smoky Brook Trout Stream

    Looking for a stream recommendation for Brook Trout. I fished Lynn Camp Prong over Labor Day weekend. Got skunked. I fished up to the Panther Creek trail. Should I continue farther in? Any other streams good for Brook?

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    Dropping specific stream names, especially bluelines like most brook trout streams, on the internet is generally frowned upon unless your goal is increase pressure on the stream. Forums such as this and dozens of others are searchable via google and dozens of other search engines. With this in mind, it doesn't take long for the "word" to get out there in front of lots of folks. I have personally seen this happen on small blueline brookie streams. The technical term for this is called “hotspotting” and on some forums can get downright nasty with the responses from other posters even resulting in losing your posting privileges. I am assuming you’re new to this sport and do not know this, that’s my reason for informing you.

    Getting any one of several books, looking at maps, etc. will put you on a brook trout stream. Probably the best advice is to head high, higher elevation streams almost always hold brookies.

    That being said, the stream you fished is absolutely loaded with brookies and only brookies. Perhaps your technique and/or tackle needs to change. Did you change flies? We’re you wearing subdued or camo clothing? We’re you stealthy? What size tippet were you fishing? What fly(s)?
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    That creek is loaded for sure just need more stealth most likely or you were behind another fisherman

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    Wow, everytime I've fished up there I couldn't keep them off my hook. Must have caught 40-50 in a couple of hours the last time I was up there.
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    I've fished a number of creeks in the Smokies and found that on most, if I put in the walk, and kept low, quiet, and didn't splash around much the Brookies were very willing. Try it again, and wear dull green, stay low, and think like a hunter. You'll catch them.
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